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VACCINES=SICKNESS=DEATH 100% OF THE TIME!!!!!! PHARMA KNOWS THIS, THE CDC KNOWS THIS!!!!! They also know having the measles, mumps, and rubella improves health, detoxifies the body, and lowers the risk of many diseases, plus they are REQUIRED to build a fully mature immune system--THIS IS WHY THEY ARE ON A WITCH HUNT!!!!!!!!!


 TITERS are NOT proof of IMMUNITY!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Arizona Cardiologist Responds to Critics Regarding Measles and Vaccines

I AM IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man is risking so much because he is speaking the truth! Measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella (German measles, 3-day measles) are not a big threat but we have somehow let fear overrider common sense. I personally am trying to catch all of these childhood diseases as part of my documentary.

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Arizona Cardiologist Responds to Critics Regarding Measles and Vaccines
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Why All the Anger?

by Dr. Jack Wolfson
Special to Health Impact News
I recently did an interview which was aired on NBC Phoenix [2]. I was asked my opinion on vaccinations in response to the current measles outbreaks that have occurred at Disneyland in California. My reply [2] has generated quite a bit of anger in thousands of people.
There has also been a tremendous amount of support to my comments and opinions. In short, The Society Against Injecting Our Kids With Chemicals (TSAIOKWC for short) has a lot of followers.
I want to address all this misguided anger and see if we can re-direct it where it belongs.
  1. Be angry at food companies. Sugar cereals, donuts, cookies, and cupcakes lead to millions of deaths per year. At its worst, chicken pox killed 100 people per year. If those chicken pox people didn’t eat cereal and donuts, they may still be alive. Call up Nabisco and Kellogg’s and complain. Protest their products. Send THEM hate-mail.
  2. Be angry at fast food restaurants. Tortured meat burgers, pesticide fries, and hormone milkshakes are the problem. The problem is not Hepatitis B which is a virus contracted by drug users and those who sleep with prostitutes. And you want to inject that vaccine into your newborn?
  3. Be angry at the companies who make your toxic laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. You and your children are wearing and breathing known carcinogens (they cause cancer). Call Bounce and Downy and let them know. These products kill more people than mumps, a virus which actually doesn’t cause anyone to die. Same with hepatitis A, a watery diarrhea.
  4. Be angry at all the companies spewing pollution into our environment. These chemicals and heavy metals are known to cause autism, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease and every other health problem. Worldwide, these lead to 10’s of millions of deaths every year. Measles deaths are a tiny fraction compared to pollution.
  5. Be angry at your parents for not breastfeeding you, co-sleeping with you, and stuffing your face with Domino’s so they can buy more Tide and finish the laundry. Breastfeeding protects your children from many infectious diseases.
  6. Be angry with your doctor for being close-minded and not disclosing the ingredients in vaccines (not that they read the package insert anyway). They should tell you about the aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, animal proteins, polysorbate 80, antibiotics, and other chemicals in the shots. According to the Environmental Working Group, newborns contain over 200 chemicals as detected by cord blood. Maybe your doctor feels a few more chemicals injected into your child won’t be a big deal.
  7. Be angry with the cable companies and TV manufacturers for making you and your children fat and lazy, not wanting to exercise or play outside. Lack of exercise kills millions more than polio. Where are all those 80 year olds crippled by polio? I can’t seem to find many.
  8. In fact, be angry with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for creating computers so you can sit around all day blasted with electromagnetic radiation reading posts like this.
  9. Be angry with pharmaceutical companies for allowing us to believe living the above life can be treated with drugs. Correctly prescribed drugs kill thousands of people per year. The flu kills just about no one. The vaccine never works.
Finally, be angry with yourself for not opening your eyes to the snow job and brainwashing which have taken over your mind. You NEVER asked the doctor any questions. You NEVER asked what is in the vaccines. You NEVER learned about these benign infections.
Let’s face it, you don’t really give a crap what your children eat. You don’t care about chemicals in their life. You don’t care if they sit around all day watching the TV or playing video games.
All you care about is drinking your Starbuck’s, your next plastic surgery, your next cocktail, your next affair, and your next sugar fix!
This post was created with love and with the idea of creating a better world for our children and future generations. Anger increases your risk of suffering a heart attack. Be careful.
Read this article and comment on it at [3].
About the Author
Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board certified cardiologist in Phoenix. He is known as The Paleo Cardiologist and The Natural Cardiologist. Check out his website [4] and follow him on Facebook at The Drs. Wolfson [5].

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History
by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk
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So THIS is what I need to do the documentary that I am doing titled "SPOTTING THE TRUTH". This is a near impossible documentary but if people step up and help me I can do this! The most critical things is I need are to connect with people who are non vaxers and are seeking natural immunity to the various childhood diseases for their families. I need interviews before, during, and after they have had the childhood diseases (chickenpox, mumps, measles, rubella).
I am also seeking exposure to all of the childhood diseases not only because I have never had any childhood disease (not even chickenpox) but because I would never ask anyone to do something that I am not willing to do myself. I plan on keeping a video diary of the experience and use that as part of the documentary.
I also need to talk to many of the countless people who have been vaccine injured. Vaccine injuries are far to common and in my opinion happen 100% of the time when you vaccinate.
After this I will try to talk to medical experts who are against vaccines and get their take on this. I am not even sure if anyone will speak with me.
Finally, I will use the CDC and Pharmas own information against them. I will also be using the propaganda of the media and pro vaxers against them. IF PEOPLE HELP ME I CAN DO THIS!!!!

For those wondering WHY the documentary I am doing is not just focusing on vaccine injury and is spotlighting natural immunity it is because proving and showing on film that they are lying about the severity of the childhood diseases will shut down one of the biggest arguments the pro vaxers use to justify poisoning humanity. This is why I am seeking out the childhood diseases for myself, and it is why I need to find non vaxing families who are willing to be interviewed before, during, and after the childhood diseases. With that being said talking with the families of the vaccine injured is just as important and will play a huge role in this film.

Feel free to message me privately on facebook or email me if you can help.


So folks, my twitter feed is back up and running if you would like to follow me as well as I have reinstated my blog. I am dead serious about making my documentary happen and changing the world.

Below is the twitter, facebook, and blog feeds. A new google + community will be up and running as well as a goggle+ page by the middle of next week. Gotta love what you can do when you can't sleep LOL

Freedom and Justice for the Shoars Family is hosting an event to protest the medical kidnapping of their children and others like them

Freedom and Justice for the Shoars Family is hosting an event to protest the medical kidnapping of their children and others like them...please check it out at the above fb page, or go to to learn more about families being torn apart by abusive medical, government, and judicial powers! Even if people are not in the area, they can still show support by displaying an umbrella where they're at with the Shoars pics, or any number of other families at Or even your own family's pic....THEY CANNOT HAVE OUR CHILDREN AND STRIP US OF OUR OWN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS FOR NO REASON!!!


So, a couple of days ago I rejoined twitter and re activated my long dormant blog and I decided to take a peek at what others thought of the recent measles outbreak in the US and I was shocked by the hate I found towards NON VAXERS, I was even more shocked by the ignorance some people have towards the mild illness. According to one person on twitter there has not been measles in the US since the 1920's... Another group of ill informed people claimed it was illegals and Obama who caused this measles outbreak, and then there were those (mostly teens) who simply didn't know what the measles were so I countered them with some truth such as "measles used to not be considered a big deal check out older medical books and children’s books." "measles used to be considered kids stuff check out old medical books & children’s books." AND "measles not a big deal until recently, you got it and gained life long immunity plus a week off school."

I also included pictures from two older children's books showing that measles used to be the norm and was not a big deal, it indeed used to be considered kid's stuff. To my surprise and delight I was re tweeted twice.

I also ran across a college student who had this to say about the measles "having measles was great tho i skipped school for a month and after i was done shedding my skin was so perfect w no scars/acne marks!!!" I ask for more information such as when they had it and found THIS out "last year around October/November. funny thing is that I was vaccinated though"

My thought is that every time we run across ignorance about the childhood diseases and about the dangers of vaccines we should ALWAYS take the time to educate others whether it be online or out in the real world. A few seconds is all it takes and in that time you could save a life, promote health, or even change the world.





There are many LIARS and MISINFORMED people claiming that MEASLES only happens in the "NON VACCINATED"....

Are the recently reported measles outbreaks in the U.S. being caused by the failure to vaccinate, or the failure of the vaccine? Shockingly, clinically confirmed reports of measles vaccine failure in fully vaccinated populations stretch back a quarter of a century from around the world.
In a recent CNN Health opinion piece too easily confused with reporting titled, US measles cases in 2013 may be the worst in 17 years, Elizabeth Cohen, CNN's Senior Medical Correspondent, blames the 159 cases of measles the CDC reported occurring from Jan. 1 through Aug. 24th on "visitors from countries where measles is common" and "vaccine objectors within the United States."
What makes her conspicuously non-referenced statistics so disturbing is that she is ignoring a substantial body of literature, including peer-reviewed and published epidemiological and clinical studies, indicating that the recent measles outbreaks are just as likely caused by the failure of the vaccine as by presumably irrational and/or irresponsible parents exercising their legal right and responsibility to choose whether or not to vaccine their children.
Let's fill in the data that so obviously got flushed down the memory hole by this irresponsible piece of CNN 'reporting.'
First, we should acknowledge one underreported fact of immunology: vaccine-induced antibody elevations do not guarantee real world protection against the pathogen the vaccine is intended to immunize us against, which is the only true measure of their value.
This is not a new observation. It goes back decades, with a 1990 study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases finding that even though 95% of a population of urban African children had measles antibodies after vaccination, vaccine efficacy was not more than 68%.[1]
Or, take a look at 2008 study that found that even when the measles vaccine successfully generates an elevation of measles specific antibodies 20.7% (6 out of 29) have non-protective titers.[2] Or, one from 1988 that found that within a highly vaccinated community experiencing an outbreak of measles, antibody responses to measles could be found in 100% of the unvaccinated versus only 89.2% of the vaccinated. They conclude: "[A] history of prior measles vaccination is not always associated with immunity nor with the presence of specific antibodies.[3]
Again, the point remains the same: vaccine-induced synthetic immunity does not guarantee real world protection, and certainly not with anything near 100% effectiveness, despite what the CDC, vaccine manufacturers or mainstream news reports imply by blaming the non-vaccinated for vaccine-failure associated outbreaks.
Read our report on the groundbreaking 2011 study published in the journal Immunity that challenges the primary antibody-based justification for vaccination if you need a more in-depth explanation of this critical point.
Second, there is plenty of research available today demonstrating that the adverse health effects associated with the measles vaccine, and particularly the trivalent mumps, measles, rubella combination vaccine,[4] may far outweigh their purported therapeutic effects, that even if a vaccine is successful at preventing and/or delaying infection from measles this does not mean that this will improve the overall health of those vaccinated. To the contrary, it has been known for several decades that the administration of measles vaccine in underdeveloped countries may actually be resulting in higher infant mortality rates.[5] [6] This has, in fact, been a persistent criticism levied against UNICEF's vaccine-heavy strategy in certain regions of Africa, which appear to have increased mortality rates.[7] UNICEF is not solely to blame, as there are quite a few 'charitable health organizations' patting each other on the back for 'saving lives' by reducing 'vaccine-preventable diseases,' at the very moment that mortality from vaccine-associated adverse effects are increasing. This is exactly what's so deranged about the Global Polio Eradication campaign, whose claim to have virtually eradicated wild-type polio in India obscures the fact that the live vaccine-specific strain of polio, believed to be twice as lethal as the natural form, may now be causing close to 48,000 cases of polio vaccine associated injury a year.

Measles Vaccine Failures Documented for A Quarter of A Century, Around the World

Now to the heart of the problem with CNN's article.  Throughout the real (not imaginary) history of the measles vaccine, failure after failure has been recorded, starting with:
  • 1985, Texas, USA: According to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1987, "An outbreak of measles occurred among adolescents in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the spring of 1985, even though vaccination requirements for school attendance had been thoroughly enforced." They concluded: "We conclude that outbreaks of measles can occur in secondary schools, even when more than 99 percent of the students have been vaccinated and more than 95 percent are immune."[8]
  • 1985, Montana, USA: According to an article published in the American Journal of Epidemiology titled, "A persistent outbreak of measles despite appropriate prevention and control measures," an outbreak of 137 cases of measles occurred in Montana. School records indicated that 98.7% of students were appropriately vaccinated, leading the researchers to conclude: "This outbreak suggests that measles transmission may persist in some settings despite appropriate implementation of the current measles elimination strategy."[9]
  • 1988, Colorado, USA: According to an article published in the American Journal of Public Health in 1991, "early 1988 an outbreak of 84 measles cases occurred at a college in Colorado in which over 98 percent of students had documentation of adequate measles immunity ... due to an immunization requirement in effect since 1986. They concluded: "...measles outbreaks can occur among highly vaccinated college populations."[10]
  • 1989, Quebec, Canada: According to an article published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health in 1991, a 1989 measles outbreak was "largely attributed to an incomplete vaccination coverage," but following an extensive review the researchers concluded "Incomplete vaccination coverage is not a valid explanation for the Quebec City measles outbreak.[11]
  • 1991-1992, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: According to an article published in the journal Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, in a measles outbreak from March 1991 to April 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, 76.4% of those suspected to be infected had received measles vaccine before their first birthday. [12]
  • 1992, Cape Town, South Africa: According to an article published in the South African Medical Journal in 1994, "[In] August 1992 an outbreak occurred, with cases reported at many schools in children presumably immunised." Immunization coverage for measles was found to be 91%, and vaccine efficacy found to be only 79%, leading them to conclude that primary and secondary vaccine failure was a possible explanation for the outbreak.[13]These six outbreaks are by no means exhaustive of the biomedical literature, but illustrate just how mislead the general public is about the effectiveness of measles vaccines, and the CDC's immunization agenda in general.  No amount of ignoring history will erase the fact that vaccination does not equal immunization. The superstitious and ironically non-evidence-based faith in the infallibility of vaccines speaks volumes to why the growing movement to educate the public about the true nature of vaccines is increasingly labeled "anti-vaccine," when in fact it is pro-vaccine awareness. UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation can continue to label those who bring the peer-reviewed 'evidence' to the public's attention as 'liars' or 'child killers, as Bill Gates said in a CNN interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. But all this does is increase the public's suspicion of the real agenda behind their ostensibly charitable plea to save the poor and the needy from the hell of disease, instead of focusing on improving their most basic living conditions, nutrition, sanitation, etc., and making inroads to reduce the geopolitical violence that is ruining the lives of hundreds of millions. Measles is a real disease with real adverse health effects, some of which can be life threatening. But our immune status, as with all infectious diseases, determines susceptibility and whether or not a disease will be mild or lethal. You can't vaccinate away conditions that lead to compromised immunity, nor can you immunize folks against the desire to pursue the truth about vaccines. Learn more on our research vaccine database: Health Guide: Vaccine Research

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I ran across this the other day on facebook and it explains EXACTLY how PROPAGANDA works! I don't care if you are a racist, a dictator, or a pharmaceutical company, the technique is the exact same!

USA TODAY: “Jail ‘anti-vax’ parents”

The entirely preventable California measles outbreak has now sickened more than 70 people. With perhaps hundreds more exposed, the outbreak will likely continue.
As the disease spreads, experts will debate how we respond and what to do about the anti-vaccine movement that’s partly to blame for this mess. Likely, all we’ll agree on is better outreach to parents.
That’s not enough. Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail.
In the year 2015, it is amazing that anyone in the United States contracts measles. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the U.S. eliminated all native cases of measles in the year 2000. New cases generally occurred only among unvaccinated foreigners. Today, however, because of ignorant “anti-vaxxers,” the disease is staging a comeback.
Anti-vaxxers often claim the right not to put “poison” in their children’s bodies. That is ludicrous. A mountain of data has demonstrated that vaccines are safe and effective. Insisting otherwise is akin to believing that the moon landing was faked.
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A more serious objection is that, like birth control, those with religious objections should be exempted. But, let’s remember that civil rights go both ways.
Prohibitionist John Finch once said, “Your right to swing your arm leaves off where my right not to have my nose struck begins.” For infectious disease, we could reformulate that to: “Your right to be sick ends where my right to be healthy begins.”
Measles is perhaps the most infectious human disease. Virus particles can remain in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves. And measles is not a minor infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that before widespread vaccination began in 1980, 2.6 million people a year died from measles. About 400 people a day still do.
Put simply, no person has the right to threaten the safety of his community. Like drunken drivers, the unvaccinated pose an imminent danger to others. They pose a lethal threat to the most vulnerable: the immunocompromised, such as HIV or cancer patients, and infants who have yet to receive their vaccines.
Anti-vaccine parents are turning their children into little walking time bombs. They ought to be charged for endangering their children and others.
Because humans are the only natural host for the virus, the WHO hopes to eradicate the disease from the planet, just like smallpox. This noble mission has been greatly complicated by such medical luminaries as Bill Maher and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who have spread anti-vaccine propaganda to millions. They have blood on their hands.
It is time to end this insanity. Though jail sounds drastic, it could be the only way to send a strong message about the deadly consequences of failing to vaccinate children.

So FORBES wants to see non vaxers sued for measles outbreak...

I ALMOST HAVE NO WORDS FOR HOW STUPID THIS IS, BUT I AM GONNA TRY! This excuse for news is filled with every lie I can think of ranging from claims of lack of access to vaccines all the way to the half truth of  Newborn children are too young to be vaccinated--This part is true, BUT it is ONLY true because of the measles vaccine. Mothers who have had natural measles pass on immunity that last the first two to three years of life. DAN DIAMOND goes on to bad mouth non vaxing parents and paint the children as victims. He then starts in with the garbage about how non vaxers should be sued and has the nerve to compare it with drunk driving UGH!

To Protect His Son, A Father Asks School To Bar Unvaccinated Children

I AM VERY SORRY THIS KID HAS CANCER, I AM SORRY WE LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE EVEN THE FOOD SUPPLY IS TOXIC, BUT I FEEL IF THIS IS KID IS THIS SICK HE SHOULD BE THE ONE REMOVED FROM SCHOOL! All of this fear over what used to be not a big deal, a week or so with spots and you were done with it...