Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So THIS is what I need to do the documentary that I am doing titled "SPOTTING THE TRUTH". This is a near impossible documentary but if people step up and help me I can do this! The most critical things is I need are to connect with people who are non vaxers and are seeking natural immunity to the various childhood diseases for their families. I need interviews before, during, and after they have had the childhood diseases (chickenpox, mumps, measles, rubella).
I am also seeking exposure to all of the childhood diseases not only because I have never had any childhood disease (not even chickenpox) but because I would never ask anyone to do something that I am not willing to do myself. I plan on keeping a video diary of the experience and use that as part of the documentary.
I also need to talk to many of the countless people who have been vaccine injured. Vaccine injuries are far to common and in my opinion happen 100% of the time when you vaccinate.
After this I will try to talk to medical experts who are against vaccines and get their take on this. I am not even sure if anyone will speak with me.
Finally, I will use the CDC and Pharmas own information against them. I will also be using the propaganda of the media and pro vaxers against them. IF PEOPLE HELP ME I CAN DO THIS!!!!

For those wondering WHY the documentary I am doing is not just focusing on vaccine injury and is spotlighting natural immunity it is because proving and showing on film that they are lying about the severity of the childhood diseases will shut down one of the biggest arguments the pro vaxers use to justify poisoning humanity. This is why I am seeking out the childhood diseases for myself, and it is why I need to find non vaxing families who are willing to be interviewed before, during, and after the childhood diseases. With that being said talking with the families of the vaccine injured is just as important and will play a huge role in this film.

Feel free to message me privately on facebook or email me if you can help.