A call to parents with vaccine damaged children

I know it is a touchy subject but I am looking for parents that believe their child was damaged by vaccinations. I have created a page on my blog dedicated to the stories about what transpired after these children received the vaccination. I have posted my own story there as well. My goal is to compile as many stories from us parents that witness this change in our perfectly normal child. If anyone is interested, I invite you to drop by and give a short letter on what you witnessed with your child. I would like to think if we get enough of these stories, we will draw attention and show the world we are not making this up. If I get enough of these stories, I will present them to the Canary Party in order for them to take these stories to congress. Please take a few minutes and help change this world we live in. Here is the link to my site… http://www.kodawe.com/?page_id=655