Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vaccine makers targeting those who homeschool

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Home Schoolers Beware: Vaccinators Are After Your Kids

Parents choose to home school their children for many reasons. One reason is to avoid vaccinations required by school systems prior to attendance. The push to vaccinate home schooled children started several years ago; it appears that legal papers are now being prepared to force parents to shoot up their children, even if they are not attending public schools.

The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics published a new article pushing law makers to vaccinate all children. Look what's being planned:

"To protect public health, states require that parents have their children immunized before they are permitted to attend public or private school. But for home schooled children, the rules vary. With the spectacular growth in the number of home schooled students, it is becoming more difficult to reach these youth to ensure that they are immunized at all.

These children are frequently unvaccinated, leaving them open to infection with diseases that are all but stamped out in the United States with immunization requirements. States should encourage parents to get their home schooled students vaccinated through enacting the same laws as those used for public school students.

This could be done by enforcing current laws through neglect petitions or by requiring that children be immunized before participating in school sponsored programs. As most states require some filing to allow parents to home school their children, it would be easy to enact laws requiring that home schooled children be immunized or exempted before completing registration."

COMMENT: The wild-eyed vaccinators will stop at nothing to inoculate every child across the country with their concoctions in the name of "health." In June, 2007, Generation Rescue published the results of a survey that showed unvaccinated boys are healthier than vaccinated boys. The study compelled the CDC to complete a nationwide health survey of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. It has been suggested that home schooled children be the source of subjects for that study. To date, the CDC has refused to undertake this study. Why? In my opinion, government officials are afraid of what they will find. Many home schooled children are unvaccinated.

The new article suggests that petitions should be filed against parents who do not vaccinate their children, charging them with "medical neglect." This means the State could seize your children because you have not vaccinated them and have chosen to educate them at home. Those who want to vaccinate their home schooled children are free to do so. Those who want to refuse should have the same right.

This new article should be a rallying cry for home schoolers to join forces and rebel to defend their rights.